Welcome to Thrifty Texas Gal.  I’m glad to have you here and so are the other moms that contribute to this blog.  We hope that you’ll find information that will help you become debt free.  We have nearly completed our debt reduction journey and want to share what we’ve learned.  We had a lot of debt and made a lot of mistakes along the way (I hope to help you avoid the big mistakes). 

We are fans of several debt reduction programs (some I’m sure you are familiar with) and we’ve come up with what works for us.  We like vacations and we like to drive cars that have a/c.  Some things we won’t compromise on.  So if you are looking for help beginning with the most basic and getting more advanced as we go along, you’ve come to the right place.  By the way, this information is for anyone wanting to gain control of their finances, wanting to save money or just someone who wants to learn new ways to save.



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