Designing Your Blueprint

Now that you have all of your information you will enter it into a spreadsheet.  You want to get a good look at your financial situation.  I personally use Excel for mine because it’s easy to sort and search for things.  I create a column for the actual bill (ie: House note, water bill, cable, etc.).  Next to that column I’ve got due date and amount due one over from that.  If it’s a credit card I have the total owed (not minimum due) in a column next to the name of the bill.  So it might look something like what I’ve pasted below.  I do color-code my bills according to credit cards or what’s related to home ownership or cars. Be sure to format the columns for total owed and minum due- you want the cells to reflect money, not just numbers.

Name Total Owed Due Date Minimum Due
House Payment       
Water Bill      
Dry Cleaning      
Grocery Store      
2 Responses to “Designing Your Blueprint”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Not gonna lie, I totally copied, pasted and used this.
    Replaced a few catagories though.

    • Oh good, that’s what it’s there for. I’m going to be uploading an Excel form that was provided to me by a financial planner. He included spaces for taxes, charitable deductions etc. That is coming soon!

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