In Debt and Discouraged

I talked to a friend of mine today about budgeting.  She’s tried to get her husband on board the budget train for years now.  They’ve been through the exercise of writing down every bill they owe, he records the ones that have been paid for the month, he’ll even run up to the store to pay those that are due–on the day that they are due.  Is this budgeting?  I would have to argue that this is simply keeping track of what you owe and in some cases you are treading water.  It’s a difficult way to live and can cause immense frustration with your spouse when you disagree with one another regarding finances.  I hope you’ll stick around and read some of the topics we’ll cover.  I’m just getting started here so it may take a couple of weeks to get the to the heart of it.  If you are just getting started, don’t get discouraged, budgeting is not difficult, it’s the discipline to do it that can sometimes be hard.


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